We're Hiring!

We’re all facing a difficult time right now, but you can use this time to think about how to grow your business and maximize your potential.
Mihara & Associates is a smaller company, but we’re ranked in the Top 15 out of 900+ companies! How do we stay on top? It’s our involvement and commitment to each of our agents. We stand out for many reasons including:
  • Very low flat fees with some of the lowest fees in the industry and no splits!
  • A FREE, state-of-the-art Lead Engine and CRM platform, paid for by the company
  •  A full-time person who distributes leads – we offer leads and we deliver!!!
  • The best office staff in the business – including a seasoned (14 years) title closer who is available to answer your questions and look over ALTAs when needed. 
  • A hands-on broker who is available seven days a week to help agents save deals, build teams, etc.
  •  A hands-on real estate attorney/title company located next door to provide helpful legal advice at no cost unless more legal action is necessary.
  • No charge for office space and no monthly fees
  • Great reputation in the area

Areas We Cover